Requirements for site and tools during bearing installation

wallpapers Industry 2020-10-27

Bearings are compared with general mechanical parts. Because of their very high manufacturing accuracy, they have certain requirements for installation and use. If you don’t pay much attention to them, they will cause damage to the bearings. The normal bearing life cannot be obtained, and related parts will also be caused. The breakage. Generally speaking, accidents caused by bearings are caused by improper installation and irregular use. Therefore, if they can be installed and used in the correct way, the service life of the bearing can be improved.

Selection and requirements for installation site

The installation site should be at a distance from lathes, grinders and other mechanical equipment. The site should be cleaned and kept dry and clean to prevent iron filings, sand, dust, and moisture from entering the bearing.

Check the bearing model and prepare installation tools

Check whether the bearing type and size meet the installation requirements, and select the appropriate assembly method according to the structural characteristics of the bearing and the various parts that cooperate with it, and prepare the tools and measuring tools for installation. Commonly used installation tools include hand hammers, copper rods, sleeves, special pads, screw clamps, presses, etc., with vernier calipers, micrometers, and dial indicators.

Inspection of bearing assembly surface

If there are bumps, rust layers, abrasive particles, sand, dust and soil on the assembly surface of the bearing and the surface of its mating parts, it will be difficult to install the bearing and cause the assembly position to be incorrect; second, these attachments will form abrasive and easy Scratch the working surface of the bearing and affect the assembly quality. Therefore, the journal, the surface of the housing hole of the bearing housing, the end face of the shoulder, and the mating surface of the connecting parts such as bushes, washers, ends, etc., should be carefully inspected before installation. If there is a rust layer, file it with a fine file, polish it with a fine emery cloth, and also remove the attachments on the bearing assembly surface and its connecting parts.