How to disassemble and install various motor bearings of automobile bearings

wallpapers Industry 2020-10-27

In our daily maintenance of various motors, we will encounter disassembly of some bearings. So how do we disassemble it? For this, I also made some conclusions, and friends who are interested can read it down. Hope it helps you.

In general. There is a big way to remove the large wheel bearings . There are small dismantling methods. To sum up, no matter which method, after all, we need to find the fastest, most trouble-free and safest method to improve efficiency and save time. After all, time is money.

For this reason, I will use small, medium and large, the quickest disassembly and assembly method to tell everyone,

The type of bearing above is 608. Only one yuan in size, this kind of small size does not matter how small he is, to be honest, the fastest way is to use a small puller. Because this kind of small bearings are generally installed on precision components.

Therefore, it is not possible to hit it with a hammer. The first reason may be that it is easy to damage the components, and the second reason is that it is not easy to hit with a hammer.

They have a special installation location where such a small thing cannot be done. Use a puller bearing. Be careful not to pull it out of place or pull it apart, because that will be more troublesome. Remember to use a small puller.

This type of bearing is 6203, a standard medium-sized and small bearing, which is also the most commonly used on water pumps and the type that the boss often replaces.

The quickest way to disassemble and assemble this kind of bearing is to smash it directly with a hammer. There are two methods of smashing with a hammer. For the first one, we tentatively smash the outer ring of the bearing to see if it can be smashed.

The so-called tentativeness is to be afraid of smashing the bearing. If the bearing is smashed, the inner diameter is left on the shaft, which will cause the bearing to not sell for a good price, because as long as the bearing is not bad, it is better than iron. The value of is higher,

Of course, another reason is that it is also a bit difficult to dismantle, so some of the outside diameter does not respond, and it feels like it can’t be smashed. We can smash the inner diameter of the bearing with a flat screwdriver, smashing it out symmetrically, because The bearings are medium-sized, so it is better to smash them out.

The last one is a large bearing on my side, this one is 6 206. To be honest, if you need to disassemble it, the first step, we can grab the bearing and rotate it to see if it can Rotate, if it can rotate

Congratulations, we can hit the inner diameter of this bearing and smash it out. Of course, it should be symmetrical when smashing, using a larger hammer and a larger flat screwdriver.

Of course, if you grab the bearing, rotate it, and are not flexible, it may be because the bearing is short of oil. It burned to death. In this case, 9 out of 10 cannot be destroyed.

When this happens, it can only be removed from the scrap mentioned in the video.

That's it in general. No matter disassembly or assembly, you should work hard, and you should slowly smash it when you don't work hard. The same is true for installation.