10 What are the differences between knitted shoes and ordinary sports shoes

wallpapers Industry 2020-11-06

What are the differences between knitted shoes and ordinary sports shoes?

Woven shoes are more comfortable for human body comfort than ordinary sports shoes. Take the popular JS Shoe woven shoes in the past year as an example

First of all, JS Shoe is woven from a single thread. There are many sports shoes with knitted uppers on the market. JS Shoe is woven from a single thread from the toe to the tail, from the upper to the sole. The production process of JS Shoe is: first weave a shoe cover like a sock, then use a mold to heat it to open it, and finally shape it, and then attach the outsole. One-piece shoes, the whole shoe has no interface, the upper foot will not have a feeling of rigidity, and the comfort is absolutely surpassing other shoes. The crazy sense of grinding of leather shoes and high heels will not appear on JS Shoe~ And its fit is very high, you can really wear it like a "sock", no need to tie shoelaces, one Just put it on and go. And it's not afraid of washing, it can be washed directly when it is dirty, just be careful not to expose it to the sun.

If you want to go to the beach in the summer, you can wear it to wear sand and tread water. It feels similar to stepping on barefoot. No matter how comfortable the sneakers are, it is not as good as barefoot. And JS Shoe brings you this kind of invigorating feeling close to "barefoot". It is definitely a must-have trend item for your summer liberation and concave shape!