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Wear and Repair of Marine Engine Bearing Pedestal

After 3-5 years of navigation, the ship will return to the dock for regular maintenance to ensure the normal and safe operation of all parts and equipment of the boat. Among them, ship electric motor is one of the important stuff in ship equipment; its performance directly affects the safety of ship navigation. There are many kinds of marine engines with different sizes and shapes, but the structure is generally the same, which is composed of rotor, stator, bearing, and motor end cover.


In the use of the electric motor, winding burn, short circuit, overheating, rotor shaft wear and end cover (bearing chamber) wear usually occur, which affect the safe operation of the ship. When the rotor shaft and bearing chamber are worn, vibration and heat will appear first, which will gradually cause friction between the rotor and the stator and lead to an unexpected shutdown.
When the engine bearing pedestal begins to wear, the following two methods are used for a long time:
1. Replacement of new parts: its simple and convenient way is also the tendency of many maintenance units or personnel, but its only disadvantage is that the motor end cover parts need to be purchased according to different specifications and sizes and need a large amount of inventory, which will occupy a large amount of capital of the enterprise and directly affect the economic benefits of the enterprise. At the same time, the bearing chamber of the new component needs to be processed, and the processing technology and precision also have uncertainty in the later stage.
2. Brush plating technology: brush plating or brush plating technology is a mature and widely used repair measure, but it is limited by the thickness of brush plating, time limit and environmental pollution, and other factors. Now the technology is less and less used. The most important thing is that after the brush plating process, there will be delamination between the repaired layer and the original metal.
The wear of the bearing seat is closely related to the bearing itself. Eric Bearing Co., Ltd. has accumulated numerous experiences throughout the year to ensure that it can provide customers with the most suitable bearing.

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