19 What season to wear flying shoes

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What season to wear flying shoes

Flying knit shoes are suitable for summer, but they can also be worn in other seasons, depending on the climate. The fly-woven upper is breathable and lightweight, wear-resistant and comfortable, high-waisted foot protection, full tension, and the weight of the shoes is very light, which can reduce the burden of sports. It is easy to put on and take off, and has a strong fit, which is very suitable for summer.

Decathlon, a well-known sports supermarket, replied on "Baidu Know": Feizhimen is just a concept. The so-called flying knitting is actually the vamp woven by a computerized flat knitting machine. "It is also explained that flying knitting means that the entire upper is woven into one piece, so this is why many flying knitting shoes do not have a traditional tongue. The reporter also learned that the current computer circular knitting machine can also weave uppers, and weave The product that comes out is more three-dimensional, the effect is better, but the cost is higher.

Flying knit integrated shoe upper is to use 3D integrated molding technology, use yarns of various colors as raw materials, and adopt a new weaving process to knit an almost completely seamless single-layer shoe upper. The biggest feature of this upper is lightness, fit and breathability. The flying weaving technology has received widespread attention from the industry once it was launched.

The woven one-piece upper has great breathability, lightness and fit. The 3D three-dimensional shoe upper is programmed in advance by a computer and then formed by knitting, which greatly reduces the various procedures of the shoe upper. It is directly formed with the sole, which can save 90% of the shoe upper stitching labor, so it changes more than just a shoe upper. , But the entire production method of sports shoes.