15 Flying knit sneakers are popular this year. What does flying knit mean

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Flying knit sneakers are popular this year. What does flying knit mean?
Flying Weaving One-piece 4102 upper is to use 3D one-piece molding technology 1653, using various colors of yarn as raw material, using a new weaving process, weaving an almost completely seamless single-layer upper. The biggest feature of this upper is lightness, fit and breathability. The flying weaving technology has received widespread attention from the industry once it was launched.
The fly-wovenone-piece upper has great air permeability, lightness and fit. The 3D three-dimensional shoe upper is programmed in advance by a computer and then formed by knitting, which greatly reduces the various procedures of the shoe upper. It is directly formed with the sole, which can save 90% of the shoe upper stitching labor, so it changes more than just a shoe , But the entire production method of sports shoes.
The running shoes with flying woven uppers have the characteristics of all the above running shoe types, which are more light, breathable and comfortable, and fit the feet better after wearing them, making the feet more comfortable and conducive to exercise. This is why light running shoes will develop in the direction of flying woven upper technology.