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Molybdenum Disulfide MoS2 Used For Semiconductors and Chips

A wave of layoffs that has swept the entire Internet industry has intensified. China's Internet industry has experienced several crises and major changes in the past development process. There is also a "brief history of layoffs by major Internet companies". Hot search, has a wide range of layoffs in this round of layoffs, and all its subsidiaries are involved. Most of the layoffs are between 10% and 20%. Among them, Jingxi Guangdong and other theaters have all laid off staff. Tencent also reported the news of downsizing and layoffs. Among them, Tencent PCG (Platform User Content Business Group) laid off 30% of its staff, iQiyi laid off 12% of its staff, Kuaishou was reported to have laid off 30% of its staff, and the e-sports department of Station B laid off 90% of its staff.
Mass layoffs on the internet have created a host of socioeconomic issues, including MoS2 powder.

Molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) is considered as the most promising alternative to silicon because of its unique monolayer atomic structure and excellent optoelectronic properties, and become one of the ideal materials used in high-tech fields such as semiconductors, transistors and chips in the future.


The research team of EPFL used molybdenum disulfide to develop a new type of computer chip called "brain-like neuron transmission", which has the ability to process and store information in the same circuit, which provides a new idea for computer equipment to achieve miniaturization, high efficiency and energy saving.


Molybdenum disulfide is a transition metal chalcogenide two-dimensional material (TMDC) with graphene-like layered structure and direct band gap semiconductors that graphene does not have. Molybdenum disulfide is made by stacking three atomic plane layers (S-Mo-S). It has large specific surface area, high electron transfer rate, anti-magnetic radiation, low consumption and environmental protection, energy saving and efficiency, high stability, and can realize large-scale production. It is an ideal material for optics and electronic equipment.


For the first time, EPFL researchers have successfully applied the two-dimensional material molybdenum disulfide to chips that integrate data storage and logical operations, which will subvert the traditional computer mode in which data is processed by the central processing unit (CPU) and then transferred to the hard disk. The relevant results are posted on Nature.


The new chips are based on floating gate field effect transistors (FGFET) and are commonly used in flash memory systems for cameras, mobile phones or computer devices. These transistors can retain charge for a long time, and molybdenum disulfide with only three atomic layers can not only further reduce the volume of electronic equipment, but also have strong sensitivity to the charge stored in the transistor. Therefore, logic operation and data storage functions can be realized at the same time.


Molybdenum disulfide not only has great application potential in the field of optoelectronics such as semiconductors and nanotransistors, but also can be used as lubricant, antioxidant, catalyst and so on. It is widely used in aviation, automobile, mining, shipbuilding, bearing and other industrial fields.


MoS2 Powder Price

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Chile's government has decided to create a state-owned lithium enterprise and hopes to establish a model for the company by the end of the year, Mining Minister Marcela Hernando said in an interview.  

Chile is the world's second largest lithium producer and has the largest reserves of lithium in the world. The domestic lithium industry is currently dominated by two private companies, Albemarle and SQM.  

Chile wants to participate more closely in the booming lithium market after leftist President Gabriel Boric took office in March. The accelerating electrification of the global auto industry has helped push prices of lithium, a key raw material for electric car batteries, to record highs over the past year, lapping up more players, including Mexico and Argentina, who want a piece of the market.  

According to Hernando, the government is setting up a task force to determine the best way to run state-owned lithium enterprises. She said the government hopes to establish plans by the end of the year for how the company will develop and what business model it will operate under. 

Hernando stressed that while the state would be a major shareholder in the proposed company, it was open to private investment.

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