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16 Some people love flying shoes and others hate them. Why are they so good for running shoes with mesh

Some people love flying shoes and others hate them. Why are they so good for running shoes with mesh?
Flying shoes are extremely popular in summer. Although they are also a kind of mesh sports shoes, they have a distinctive feature-that is, surprisingly light.
As far as ordinary runners are concerned, most sports shoes have a certain weight, but we still try to select light running shoes that do not add too much burden to the legs and feet. The yarn and fabric variations of flying shoes have been precisely designed for extremely light, fit and almost seamless uppers. Woven under the support of all structures and supports, the upper and tongue weigh only tens of grams, and the weight of the whole shoe does not exceed 200 grams.
The precise fit gives people the feeling of a second layer of skin, such as the silk stocking version close to the skin, which can better protect the ankle from injury during running.
Of course, it is not without its shortcomings. Because it is made of knitting technology, this shoe is still very troublesome to clean. It cannot be hard brushed or over-soaked. This is one of the points people hate.
Generally speaking, flying shoes are one of the types that are currently receiving attention in terms of comfort, safety, and fashion quality. Therefore, they have quite a good popularity among mesh running shoes.


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