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05 Weaving charm! The must-have woven sneakers for sneakers, sweeping the streets in summer!

Weaving charm! The must-have woven sneakers for sneakers, sweeping the streets in summer!
Woven fabrics are now an indispensable technology in sneakers. Between the weaving threads, the colors are interwoven and formed, which is light and thin and brings a high sense of technology. In addition to the excellent performance of flexibility and breathability, the delicate weaving texture is also a powerful visual expression! Woven uppers are no stranger to most sneakers, and this technology has been widely used in sports shoes. The biggest difference with the traditional shoe upper is that it is one body. In terms of wearing comfort, it is indeed a big improvement in sneakers. Another big advantage is lightness, which is also revolutionary for the wearing experience.
One, VaporMax
The gray Flyknit woven upper with aqua blue translucent air cushion, under the calm and refreshing dress, brings personality and dazzling visual impact! With a semi-integrated design and dynamic flying line technology, the upper can be better locked on the midfoot. The gray knitted upper creates a perfect texture, and the transparent Air blue outsole breaks the limit, bringing the perfect fusion of function and excellent visual effects.
Two, EQT
The retro style is perfectly integrated with new technology, and a new mid-top socks design is added, extending the mid-top height socks, making the overall shape more three-dimensional. The upper is made of the iconic Primeknit woven, and the body support is changed to leather. While strengthening the wrapping, it also provides a comfortable wearing experience, exuding a strong functional style, and the overall personality is extraordinary and exceptional Exquisite.
Three, HD2017
The black Flyknit is presented through a targeted woven shoe body, which brings a lighter wearing experience. The package is also outstanding, and dense transparent TPU wires are injected into the toe to strengthen the protection of the toes from external shocks. The tongue is made of suede on the outside to highlight the texture, and the inner layer of soft leather enhances comfort. Not only is it equipped with the new React cushioning material, but the addition of the woven structure also brings a lighter wearing experience and outstanding wrapping performance.
Four, AJ1
The Flyknit woven upper has undergone a comprehensive transformation to perfectly reproduce the fashionable temperament of the black and blue dress. It is made of parts with different weaves. This design of simulating leather stitching greatly enhances its sense of hierarchy. The inner leather of the tongue is also printed with the number 1985, and the inner lining of the upper is covered with leather. The improvement of various details shows the low-key and luxurious of the shoe.
Five, NMD
The V-shaped sock overshoe collar has become a major attraction of CS2. The one-piece upper discards the original lining support frame, and relies on the upper itself to provide flexibility and support, which brings a fit package, and makes it easier to put on and take off. Black lines are added for embellishment in the middle and inside of the upper, which brings a unique aesthetic feeling, and pays homage to traditional craftsmanship with unique patterns.
Six, Lebron15
The Oreo color matching presents a dragon-like shape. The dark color is stain-resistant and has rich details. Add personality, fashion and classic elements to make the vamp shine like a diamond. The sole adopts a fully partitioned cushioning system, combined with Max Air cushion and Zoom Air cushion unit. The complete inner boot structure provides a comfortable and fit wearing experience. Sports technology once again innovated and evolved, and the actual combat performance was outstanding!


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